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Hello, I'm Rita. Welcome to my creative, colourful world! I have a small workshop in a green corner of Greece, overlooking mount Olympus, where I upcycle old furniture with chalk paint. 

I use the Greek, ecological Chalk of the Town paints (love!), and I have an extensive collection of brushes and painting tools, which I also sell at my eshop here (feel free to browse around). I must admit, I am a bit obsessive with quality painting accessories, so everything you find in my shop is guaranteed to be amazing!


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So, if you also love DIY and upcycling, I would love to hear from you! You can subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I regularly upload videos with tutorials and creative ideas! You can also find me at Facebook and Instagram--just hit the buttons up to the left!

You are also welcome to join our DIY group on my Facebook page, Kalliristi Vintage, where we share advice, inspiration and support (raise your hand if your house is beginning to look like an antique shop!)

Welcome to Kalliristi Vintage! Let's make our world more beautiful, one piece of furniture at a time! :) 




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